Have you ever wondered what’s growing in the beautiful planter boxes that surround Nauti Spirits? At our Cape May distillery, we believe that the best flavors come from farm-fresh ingredients, that’s why we grow a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and chilies to infuse in our draft drinks and create syrups & macerations for our specialty cocktails.

What’s sprouting now? Applewood Mint adds a bright pop of color and flavor to our (non-alcoholic) herbal tea blend, in addition to the various mints and lemon thyme that work together to develop its unique profiles. Rosemary is the star in our limited edition draft cocktail, “August and Everything After,” along with watermelon, lemon and, of course, Nauti Spirits’ signature sweet potato vodka. Stevia sweetens our Lemon Verbena Tea for The Bee Sting, our twist on the classic “Bee’s Knees.” Our Bloody Mary gets a hit of heat from our chili peppers. And just popping up? Our very own Chamomile.  We can’t wait for you to see what we mix up utilizing this crisp, apple scented herb.