Our Master Distiller, Brendan Wheatley has been nominated for an edibleJersey Local Heroes Award! If you believe in us and the work we’re doing to revitalize our preserved farm, please take a moment to show your support for Nauti Spirits.

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About Brendan:

In his 15+ years in the spirits industry, Brendan Wheatley has developed a skill set unique in the United States. He brings a cultivated approach and knowledge nurtured from both Japanese and French distillation practices. Brendan was the first American to study at Ichiro Akuto’s Chichibu distillery, and he further diversified his education as a distiller for California brandy producer Germain-Robin, where he learned classic French techniques for the production and cellaring of brandy.

He has worked and consulted for distilleries spanning both coasts and Hawaii. “My focus is ecologically sustainable farm to glass production with an emphasis in stacked agriculture, tempered by quality first.”