Why the wait? Craft takes time.

At Nauti Spirits, we’re passionate about crafting unique, farm-fresh flavor every step of the way at our Cape May distillery.

In the Rickhouse, we start with thousands of pounds of locally sourced sweet potatoes, corn and grains, and American molasses.

In the Distillery, our distillers decide what makes the cut, not machines.

We smell and taste and refine our recipes to unveil the rave-worthy flavor profiles you’re sure to love. We barrel and age, we bottle by hand. We take great care in producing spirits that we’re proud to put the Nauti Spirits label on.

And finally, in the tasting room, the dedication to detail continues. Head bartender Matt Reeves concocts syrups and seltzers, macerations and mixtures, and draft cocktails using ingredients we grow right here on our Cape May farm. We crush our ice by hand. We measure while we mix to ensure you get the same flavors in your favorite drink, every time.

At Nauti Spirits, we value craft over the clock. Come experience the farm-fresh difference, you just might find your new favorite cocktail.  It’s worth the wait.