Nauti Spirit of the Harvest Vodka

You may have noticed that our eye-catching vodka bottles have undergone some minor changes recently. Rather than “Sweet Potato Vodka,” the label now reads “Spirit of the Harvest.” Why is this, you ask?  We checked in with Veronica from our Production Crew to understand this change, and here’s what she told us…

There are 6 general steps we follow in the production of our vodka at Nauti Spirits.

  1. The first step consists of sorting, washing, and milling the raw ingredients; in this case, sweet potatoes and corn.
  2. Second, we transport the milled mixture from our processing building into our “mash” tank where we mix it with water, cook it, cool it down, and then add a few enzymes that help break down the starches into simple sugars. This is where producing vodka using solely sweet potatoes was a challenge, as sweet potatoes are difficult to fully break down (but that’s also why they’re good for you), and adding Jersey corn (with starches that more easily break down to simple sugars) greatly helped in that process.
  3. The addition of corn to the mash also makes our yeast “happier” throughout the third step of the process, fermentation, where the yeast gobbles up the sugars and then produce alcohol.
  4. After the yeast does their magic, we distill the fermented mash well over 20 times through different levels of micro-distillation (compare that to some who tout their “6 times distilled” vodka…).
  5. Then we “proof down” that highly refined spirit with purified water to a consumption-level 80 proof vodka.
  6. Finally, we filter the vodka through high-tech carbon filters, to make it even smoother, while being sure to leave a hint of those all-important farm origins!  When it comes to taste, the change in the flavor profile is interesting and subtle.

You likely won’t notice a difference when our vodka is mixed in a delicious craft cocktail in the Tasting Room or at home, but if you give it a try neat or on the rocks, you’ll appreciate the slightly enhanced character and mouthfeel, that still retains that essential whisper of its Garden State heritage –  something you can only get from the crew here at Nauti Spirits!  Good vodka, no…really good farm fresh vodka, takes a lot of hard work and time, but that’s what sets us apart from the masses.  We hope you appreciate and enjoy what we lovingly craft for you right here on our farm!

Want to learn more about our farm, distillation process, and Distillery? Check out one of our Behind-the-Stills Tours!