Nauti Bourbon BarrelsGood whiskey – really good whiskey – takes years to reach barrel-aged perfection.

There are no true shortcuts or substitutes. And barrel aging – slowly, in new charred American White Oak barrels – is precisely what our artisan distilled bourbons (yes bourbons, not bourbon, as we have crafted three different malted varietals) will do until fully ready for their debuts. While our bourbons age, we are distilling (and milling, fermenting, finishing and bottling) on site spectacular “white” (or “straw” in the case of our cask-finished rum) gold-medal-winning spirits. But, alas, we do not yet have brown spirits that we have distilled and adequately barrel-aged on our farm site.

What are restless distillers to do, while looking at the barrels dreaming of their release, teasing customers on their tours, walking by, seeing the untouchable? Aye, mate… shamelessly plunder from others! Until our bourbons mature, we intend to engage in some outright (yet totally upfront) thievery of genuinely outstanding barrel-aged American Whiskeys. In truth, we meticulously research, nose and taste numerous types of bourbons and whiskeys, from some of the country’s finest distilleries, to find those with complementary characteristics. We then procure very small quantities of those spirits and expertly blend and/or barrel-finish them on site. The culmination of this effort is our Plundered series of nano-batch, premium, blended whiskeys. Every few months we will hand-select and harmonize the proper barrels to blend, in order to achieve some truly spectacular and very limited quantities of whiskeys available only at Nauti Spirits distillery. Our first batch is a perfect union of two great American whiskeys–both of considerable age, character, and maturation–resulting in a premium blend of exceptional character and drinkability.

The artisan blending techniques used in creating these great pilfered spirits will not be limited to our Plundered series. As mentioned above, we have distilled our own Nauti Spirits bourbons using three different types of malted barley that we milled on-site. When our bourbons are ready (not a moment before), we will have the opportunity to bottle them as separate varieties of bourbons, and to marry the flavors together of some or all three malted varietals with one another. What will we ultimately do? Well, that’s just our Nauti little secret for now!

Join us for the release of Batch Number 1 of our Plundered Series September 1 & 2! Click here for details…