Photo via PineyBuck Farms


You might wonder, with the thousands of pounds of raw material (whether sweet potatoes, corn, wheat, barley, rye or other grains) that are used in each production run at Nauti Spirits, what happens to the stillage (the spent mash from an alcoholic fermentation after removal of the alcohol in a still through distillation) that remains when the transformation is complete? While most of us prefer to enjoy the finished spirits in the Tasting Room, there is a certain population that turns their noses up to the farm-to-bottle spirits, opting instead for the spent mash: sheep & pigs! We’ve partnered with Pineybuck Farm in Buena, New Jersey to provide our high protein stillage to help keep their animals happy & full, and we’re looking forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come! As our friends at Pineybuck say, if you are a farm to table fan, it doesn’t stop at meat and veggies. Stop by Nauti Spirits to taste our farm-to-bottle spirits weekly Thursday & Friday 3:30-9pm, Saturday noon-9pm, and Sunday noon-7pm.