Nauti Production Team

Veronica Townsend, Head Distiller
The Production Team: Vicki, Brad and Kevin

Behind every great bottle of Nauti Spirits Vodka, Gin, Rum and Whiskey is a great team making it all happen. Leading that team is our Head Distiller, Veronica Townsend, one of the few female Head Distillers in the entire country! She has been with Nauti Spirits since the beginning and after a detailed apprenticeship, she took over the reigns in July 2018. Veronica graduated from Northeastern University, where she was a Division I athlete for the Huskies rowing team. She went on to train in culinary arts and is now using those skills in producing our award winning spirits. Assisting Veronica in the crafting of our spirits are two hardworking guys: Brad Ransom and Kevin Bascom. Brad is a Cape May native, and after moving to Florida for many years, he came back to New Jersey and joined the Nauti team in August 2017. If you ask him what he loves most about working at Nauti Spirits, he will say its all about being a part of the Farm to Bottle experience. He, along with the rest of the team, is out there planting the seeds, harvesting the crops, making the spirits, and of course, the bottling. His favorite time of year at Nauti? Summer – of course! That’s when it all comes alive and thrives. Kevin, on the other hand is a fan of the fall…it’s harvest time! Kevin, is our hands-on jack of all trades. He is ready to build anything you can think of! His favorite part of the job is the fact that every day is different. One day he is bottling, the next he is building a portable bar, and another he is harvesting crops. Kevin, also a born and raised Jersey boy, has been with Nauti Spirits since March 2017, and loves the creative freedom he experiences here. This great trio even covers the spectrum on their preferred drinks. “Anything Whiskey, the Shunpike Punch and ‘Beet ya to the Punch’!” Can you guess who likes what?

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