Do you serve food?

While we are unable by law to serve food, food trucks come to the farm next to the distillery premises in-season! Check the schedule on the Events page for details. You are also welcome to bring your own food, or have it delivered from local restaurants while you’re here. We keep a collection of local delivery menus for your convenience!

Can guests bring their own food?

Absolutely! See above.

Do you take reservations?

Tables and seating are first come first serve.

Can we hold our event or party at Nauti Spirits?

Of course!  We have great spaces, farm settings, and attractive rates for events like  small weddings, holiday parties, and company meetings.

Please note that we do not hold private party rentals on Saturday's and Sunday's from May through November. 

For events more than 50 people we require Nauti Spirits to be bought out for the day.

What is not included in from renting out our space is additional chairs or tents, and catering - The Washington Inn is a great option

Contact our Marketing and Events Manager, Kaitlin Poling at kpoling@nautispirits.com.

Are children allowed?

As long as anyone under 21 is accompanied by a parent or guardian, they are welcome to come by! 

Are dogs allowed?

Furry friends are permitted to join you in our outdoor seating areas! We have one that is covered in-season, and one that is not, and we’ve got bowls for water as well.

Do you have live music?

We sure do! Check out our Events page for this month’s schedule.

Do you serve beer or wine?

As we are a distillery, we make only liquor, and we have a full hand-crafted cocktail menu centered around our spirits. We also have non-alcoholic beverages.

Do you ship your spirits?

While we are unable to ship our spirits from the Distillery, you can find Nauti Spirits products throughout New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, and are available by request in Pennsylvania! See our Spirits > Find Nauti page for a full list.

There are also two liquor stores in New Jersey that are able to ship our bottles to most states! You can find them at Benash Liquors and Passion Vines.

Why do you have to stamp guests’ hands?

We stamp the hands of all customers 21+ to let the bartenders know that you are of age to drink.

Can I leave my car in your parking lot overnight?

Absolutely! We do not tow cars left overnight in our parking lot. If you have been drinking, we would much rather you carpool with Designated Driver friends or use a ride-sharing app to get home anyway - stay safe!

What is Nauti Spirits and why is it different?

  • Nauti Spirits is a true farm distillery – one of a handful on the East Coast.   We are also the largest distillery by production capacity in NJ.
  • We produce internationally acclaimed vodka, gin, rum and bourbon the real way; the true way.  Our highly-skilled/trained distillers take raw ingredients from the earth to create authentic “handmade” spirits.  We mill, mash, ferment, distill, age and bottle our spirits on site.  
  • We do not use the terms “handcrafted” and “artisan distilled” as marketing gimmicks, and we refuse to take cheap shortcuts or use mass-produced neutral spirits in our processes. We grow most of our ingredients on our 60-acre coastal Cape May farm and on farmland we lease within 45 miles of us.  What raw ingredients we cannot grow, like the high-grade US Southern molasses (from sugarcane) we use for our rum, we procure from quality U.S. purveyors.
  • We do not flavor our spirits to cover them up.  They are premium spirits meant to be savored alone or highlighted by fresh ingredients on premise or at home. 
  • Being local is not a “good enough” reason to buy spirits.  Taste and quality matter! Our premium farm to bottle spirits are “top-shelf” having won several gold medals in some of the world’s most well-respected competitions.  
  • Locally made, world class, true artisan farm spirits - that is the Nauti Spirits difference.

Question not listed here? Feel free to give us a call at (609) 770-3381 or email us at info@nautispirits.com!


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