Nauti Style


cape may distillery preparation

1. Preparation: Our own farm-grown sweet potatoes and corn are sorted, washed, milled and sent from our milling room to the cook tank in the distillery.

cape may distillery cooking

2. Cooking: The milled sweet potatoes and corn are added to water and heated until they are boiling. After boiling, they are cooled down in a series of steps, and mixed with enzymes which break apart the starch in the potatoes into simple sugars. This mixture is called mash.

cape may distillery Fermenting

3. Fermenting: The mash is added to the fermentation tank along with yeast. The yeast converts the sugar in the potatoes and corn to alcohol. After 4-6 days, the yeast has consumed all the sugars in fermentation and this crude beer is ready to be distilled.

cape may distillery distilling

4. Distilling: Inside the still, the mash is heated to the point where the alcohol turns to vapor, but the water remains liquid. The vapor is carried through the vodka column to the condenser, where is turned back to liquid. The height of the still aids in making the very pure alcohol that is necessary for vodka.

cape may distillery proofing

5. Proofing: The spirit that comes off the still is too strong to drink. Water is added to reduce the spirit to drinking strength, or “proof."


cape may distillery bottling

6. Bottling: Our finished spirit is pumped into tanks above the bottling room, then gravity fed into the bottle filler, where it is hand bottled, labeled & packaged. 


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